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Logic Games v. the Rest of the Test

The LSAT has three section types: (i) Arguments (logical reasoning), (ii) Reading Comprehension, and (iii) Logic Games (analytical reasoning). Some students excel at different parts of the test. But it’s pretty universally recognized that the games section is the hardest. The good news is that it’s also the easiest to improve on. In fact, with proper training and practice, you should be getting pretty much every question in the games section!


Why You Should Get Every Question Right on Games

The logical reasoning and reading comprehension sections test your ability to make judgment calls. LSAC is testing your ability to make the right call by providing two good answer choices and subtly dropping hints that one is “just wrong” or “just better.” It requires judgment (with close reading, logical inferences, and confidence) to make that call. You can learn good judgment, but it’s really hard, and everyone makes mistakes.

The game section, however, doesn’t require you to exercise judgment. Think of each game like a math puzzle. With the proper “formulas” these puzzles can be “solved” to reveal one clear answer. No close calls, no weighing answer choices, no agonizing if you’ve made the wrong call. No. There is one obviously correct answer.

The trick, of course, is learning how to “solve” these puzzles.

Get Educated



This site will give you the tools to “solve” these games so you can get points for every game question. That said, the tools aren’t magic tricks. Learning how to solve logic games takes time and practice. But if you pay attention to the videos and you practice, you will learn this.



I will walk you through every setup, question, and answer choice and while I’m doing it – I will be discussing strategies, time maximizing techniques, and tricks to get the right answer fast. You will be learning how a 180 LSAT scorer thinks!


Encyclopedia Coverage

Think of the site like an encyclopedia. I explain the answer to every single games question. This includes solving for the right answers and explanations for why the wrong answer choices are wrong! That’s super important! You must know why the wrong answer is wrong so you can recognize mistakes and not repeat them.


Universal Compatibility

This comprehensive encyclopedia is great for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced test taker. The techniques are universally compatible with all major testprep and private tutor techniques. The diagramming differences are simple to adopt because they are intuitive and just make sense. It’s like fine tuning an engine, not rebuilding it from scratch!


Get a Perfect Score

Use the Logic Games Encyclopedia to learn the best techniques, figure out hard questions, speed up, and to think more like a 180 LSAT scorer. I’ve made sure it’s affordable. Don’t miss out! Note that the encyclopedia isn’t yet complete. But we are filming every day and continuously uploading content. Don’t worry! There is already tons of film available and more coming each week!

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