So I got serious

I joined online forums, read every book I could get my hands on, and watched every online video I could find. I got better. A lot better. Eventually I had the courage to divert from the book’s/video’s techniques. And that’s when I really took off. I realized that corporate course techniques are tailored towards the weakest students – so that all students will raise their score by a few points. But that sacrificed true technique for quick and easy improvement. I had to tweak the companies’ techniques if I wanted that really great score.

I joined a popular LSAT course after refining and tweaking the techniques. I was right. I outscored the teacher’s LSAT score on my first diagnostic!

My tweaks helped me excel in every section, but they really skyrocketed my games performance. I’d struggled with the games section before, but with my new techniques of visual representation, double representation, passive v. aggressive approach, and “quick look” problem solving, I almost never missed a question. I had discovered the keys to destroying the games section!

After two months of dedicated studying, I retook the exam in October. I finished my games section with 6.5 minutes left!

I got a perfect 180.


What happened after?

I applied to law school, attended Columbia Law with a nice scholarship, and graduated with honors. I took the Florida bar and obtained the highest score in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties (possibly the state, but the bar won’t say).

I tutored the LSAT before Law School and for a while once it started. I really enjoyed seeing the “light” go on in my students’ eyes when they started mastering my techniques. I realized I could film games lessons and post them online. So I stopped tutoring to film this encyclopedia.

I haven’t always had as much time to film as I’d like because lawyering kept me busy. But a friend was having trouble with the games section, so I let him borrow the rough videos. He loved it and eventually convinced me to open it up to everyone now.

I’m back to filming and will be releasing updates all the time so stay tuned. We’re working hard to keep the price way down so its universally affordable. I’m confident these will be the best Logic Games explanation and training videos you’ve ever watched. Money back guarantee.